Interim Management

Focus: Innovation and Digital Engineering

Use of concrete project work or interim management?

Both at the same time! 

  • With external IT and SME expertise, internal forces are united and enriched.
  • In this way, you strengthen teamwork, projects, and productivity.

    ~Rainer Tolksdorf

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Innovation with Heart

"In a constantly evolving economic world, I focus on innovation with heart.

Pragmatic engineering spirit and openness enrich the existing with fresh perspectives and know-how, which I and are happy to share.

New technologies, projects, and market innovations are not only planned but also realized and supported through hands-on collaboration and a practical mindset.

Take the next step with me and into a future defined by courage, openness and progressive thinking."  ~Rainer Tolksdorf

Rainer Tolksdorf: 
Interim Manager, Innovation and Digital Engineering

  • Industry
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), manufacturing
  • Engineering Services
  • IT-Business Solutions
  • Shareholder Managing Director
  • Authorized signatory member of the Executive Board
  • Busienss development
  • Project management with and without personnel management 
  • Exploring, applying and training new topics
  • Systems and Digital Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Business-IT
  • For details see also areas of work and expertise
Quick-Checks can be used to
  • gain clarity about the initial situation, value streams and impact chains and
  • create suitable task and project descriptions if required.

Areas of work and expertise

Management of digital innovation and pioneering projects

Goal: More market success through innovation and efficient use of limited resources. Identification and lean expansion of digital business opportunities.

Related roles: Division Manager, Program Manager, IT Business Partner

Projects and references available on request.

Systems + Digital Engineering

Implementation, parameterization and training of innovative systems and digital solutions for optimized processes and digital transformation. 

Special fields:

  • Opensource in general, Linux, proxmox, Hosting, Odoo, Nextcloud ... (more Info)
  • Integration and introduction of systems (ERP, CRM, technical infrastructure)
  • Build up expertise in new technologies. Currently self-hosted AI
Related roles: Project or Program Manager

Projects and references available on request.

Digital Engineering Siemens Valor Process Preparation VPP 

Implementation, training and support of VPP in product industrialization in electronics production
  • Siemens (formerly Mentor Graphics) Valor Process Preparation VPP Projects

Relates roles: Systems + Digital Engineering

Projects and references available on request.