Opensource Solutions

Independent IT-Business Partner with IT- and KMU-Experience

License fee free open source solutions or commercial software with a license?

The situation and objectives are key to finding the right answer. Opensource is also used by companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft, for example.

Independent partner with IT and SME experience

  • Combines Business, Digitalisierung and Users
  • Complete innovative IT-Solutions from
  • Digital Engineering, IT management, project management, consulting
  • Long-term partnership and cooperation

More about

Opensource Solutions: complete, innovative, customizable

  • Server platform as an easy-to-integrate basis
  • Operating platform for application software

Opensource Navigator

​An SME innovation project by Rainer Tolksdorf
  • Purpose: Proof of the suitability of Free Open Source Software (FOSS) for everyday business and innovation
  • This website uses the server and operating platform with artificial intelligence (opensource and chatGPT[1]  )
  • Hosting as a private cloud solution from GmbH at Hetzner in Germany
  • Was created by Rainer Tolksdorf with license-free opensource software

[1] This functionality is used in the publicly inaccessible parts of odoo and nextcloud.

The philosophy 

Enabling independence and freedom of choice

Free choice of computer

Our solutions run on computers that users like and chose freely

  • PC, Notebooks
  • Apple Mac
  • Chromebook
  • Smartphones and Tablets

Free choice of operating system

Our solutions run on operating systems that IT and users like to use

  • Windows
  • Apple MacOS, IOS
  • Linux

Free choice of environment

The servers run where management and IT consider it right and secure

  • Own IT environment in the company
  • In the data center (own private cloud)
  • In a public cloud

Architecture, processes, applications

  • Completely license-free solution
  • proxmox virtualization, Docker, Portainer, backup
  • Reverse Proxy (Cloudflare, Caddy, Apache)
  • Linux Operating System (Debian, Ubuntu)
  • Nextcloud Hub
  • Private Mailcow E-Mail Server (Option)
  • Integration Cloud (Google, Microsoft) and Data Storage
  • Internet domain management with Cloudflare or Hetzner (not opensource)
  • Virtual workplaces

  • Completely license-free solution
  • LibreOffice (compatible to Microsoft Office)
  • Apps for Nextcloud Hub: Intranet, CRM, Projects, Collaboration, etc.
  • e-Learning (Akademy)
  • odoo as one ERP solution for two locations in Kreuzlingen (CH) and Konstanz (DE) incl. Swiss SMB- and German SKR04-chart of accounts (alternativly  SKR03),
    >> Overview
    >> CRM, Website, Newsletter-Marketing, Lead-Management
    >> Project Management, Warehouse, Timesheets
    >> Wages, banking, taxes and receipts in extra solutions

Processes, applications, customizations


Secure - Connected - Expandable

Operation always under your own control at your premises or at the data center 

License-free open source software

Including documentation and access for independent administration

  • Linux: Debian and Ubuntu as lean, extremely reliable operating systems for servers and clients

  • Univention Corporate Server (UCS) for managing IT infrastructure and domains

  • Nextcloud Hub: Secure data storage and collaboration without compliance and security risks

  • Proxmox und TrueNAS: Provide data and applications securely, networked and scalable

  • n8n: Automation, Workflows and Integration

  • AirByte: Data Integration, artificial intelligence
  • Mailcow: private Mailserver 


Collaboration + Corporate Management

Standard Apps und Anwendungen aus einem Guss die gemocht werden

Lizenzkostenfreie Opensource Software

Inklusive Dokumentation und Zugänge zur eigenständigen Verwaltung

  • LibreOffice and Collabora Online
    license cost free MS-Office alternative

  • Digital market cultivation 
    Easy to use odoo - solution for CRM, Marketing, Newsletter, Sales, e-Commerce, Service, Projects, Websites and e-learning

  • Business management usind license cost free
    odoo Community Ressource Planning (ERP)

    >> Digital market cultivation

    >> Finance and general ledger

    >> Projects and Production

    >> Portal and Collaboration

    >> Internet of Things (IoT)

    >> odoo-App-Store

Customizing, Digital Engineering

Massgeschneiderte Orchestrierung von Lösungen

Individuelle Entwicklungen und Erweiterungen für besondere Bedürfnisse

Bezahl-Upgrades auf Opensource Software

Inklusive Entwicklungsdokumentation und Installationshinweisen

  • Mobile and Portal-Solutions

  • Paid odoo standard apps, odoo Enterprise or Online Edition

  • Agile, cost-efficient individual projects:
    odoo developments, marketplaces, platforms and ecosystems from for more growth

Independence through open documentation

  • Projects and solutions are described briefly and transparently so that you or your partners can use and manage the IT systems independently. supports and uses open source software

  • Strengthening independence
  • Significant advantages such as stability and low costs

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