Why Tolksdorf.digital?

Strengthening companies and making digital innovation easy

Innovation with Heart and Digital Innovation Management 

Our passion for digital innovation management enables companies to develop inspiring solutions and put them into practice. We focus on courage, state-of-the-art technologies, entrepreneurial vision and user-friendliness.

Graphic: Project approach by Tolksdorf.digital

We pay attention to organization, system and change

  • From Vision to Innovation
    Opening up new horizons together with heart and pragmatically realizing unused opportunities through pioneering ideas and digitalization. The starting point for a solid alignment of strategy and planning is a quick check of the organization, systems and projects as a whole.  More about Quick-Check.

  • Solutions that are fun
    Our expertise ensures that your innovative systems not only bring economic success, but also win the hearts of your customers and users.

  • Symbiosis of corporate management, quality management, digitalization 
    We accompany you with heart and practical expertise on the way to harmoniously combining these three key areas.

If you are looking for innovations to drive your company forward and secure a place at the top, we are your reliable partner. 

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Innovation for SMEs, small and medium-sized enterprises

Company references
Development, pioneering and innovation projects

Business IT-Projects
(CMS, CRM, ERP, Mobile

Management board / member of the management

Corporate Development,
Business Development

  • Professional Services for Innovation, Digitalisation and Change

  • Complete IT projects with support at a fixed price

  • Projects and services include all necessary insurances

  • Consistent and attractive conditions
    CH: Tolksdorf.digital GmbH 
    DE/EU: Tolksdorf.digital UG

Project success with method

> Clarity with Quick-Checks

> Creating the basis for change

> Innovations- / IT-Projects

> Interim Management: 
   Project Management
   Business Development

With Tolksdorf.digital, find suitable innovations, strengthen digital transformation and minimize stressful factors

  • Finding market or product innovation through Blue Ocean strategy

  • Optimize and digitize processes with lean thinking

  • Actively minimize costs and risks with ISO 9001-oriented thinking 

From the initial situation via applied experience and new technologies to economically viable innovations

Rainer Tolksdorf - Tolksdorf.digital 
Founder and Managing Director

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  • Rainer's business IT experience: ERP/CRM, e-commerce, Valor VPP, IoT/ Auto-ID/ Barcode/ Mobile, Cloud, Content Management Systems
  • Digital and Systems Engineering

  • Orchestrating business IT systems (portfolio)

  • Business processes: Corporate management (manufacturing and IT SMEs), basic knowledge of accounting (CH, DE), consulting, project management, lean business development, market innovation, sales, service / after sales.

  • Professional network and industry experience: trade / SMEs, logistics, public transportation, ERP/IT manufacturers, IT and engineering services.

Philipp Tolksdorf - Student Applied Computer Science

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Philipp supports Tolksdorf.digital on a voluntary basis in his spare time with his valuable expert advice on new technologies and methods in computer science.

He also evaluates and assesses new solutions and innovation topics using reference systems that he has set up.


  • Linux, Opensource Software, Cloud
  • Programming in Rust and Python
  • Kubernetes
  • Virtualisation
  • CI/CD, Devops
  • 3D-Printing
  • Networks
  • Energy saving IT