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Opensource in everyday life at SMEs?

Opensource Navigator 

The Opensource Navigator delivers Answers

  • Opensource Demo- and Information-Platform with Innovations for SME. 

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What application examples are there?​ 

References and Business Epics

References and Business Epics

Excerpt of project examples: 

  • Digitalization SMEs
  • Digital Engineering using Siemens Valor Process Preparation VPP
  • Opensource Navigator 
  • Reference table

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How to "make" Projects and Innovation

Tools and Methodes

Field-proven tools and methods

  • "The difference between theory and practice is greater in practice than in theory." ~Ernst Ferstl
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Data protection and security in practice?

Datenschutz Sicherheit DSGVO

Cookies, Imprint, Data Protection, GDPR

  • Maximum DSGVO / GDPR compliance through self-hosting in Germany
  • Maximum operational security in a 27001-certified data center
  • Selection of secure opensource software for the SME-Opensource Package used here

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